Jewelry Repairs & Remodeling

Most people leave their old broken jewelry in a drawer somewhere and are too intimidated to have it fixed. Jewelry is meant to convey a feeling towards others, and grant a certain feeling to the one who wears it. So whether it's gold, silver, platinum or even costume, its worth fixing if you love it. We do excellent repairs and give great care and importance to each piece we work on. We have state of the art equipment and tools that allow us to do many jobs that other jewelers wouldn't touch. We can also transform the old pieces you can't see yourself wearing into something that's more "you" now. So, is it worth fixing? Absolutely! Jewelry is the one thing that's designed to outlive us, to be passed down as a meaningful source of great energy for our people of the future. We might not know our great great great grandchildren, but they can wear our jewelry and feel our energy. We truly believe this and that is why we are so committed to fixing your broken jewelry. Ten times a day we hear, “I thought it's not worth fixing,” or “it’s unfixable.” Just try us. We might surprise you! 

We have a powerful and knowlegable team here at Weiss Jewelry and everyone can process your repair. However, if you have a very delicate matter that needs Sara or Daniel's specific attention, please make a repair intake appointment here.  Otherwise just feel free to come on in or mail us what you need fixed! Please note that most repairs take ten days or less. 

Repair Services

  • Shank Replacements

  • Polishing/Refinishing

  • Rhodium Plating

  • Gold Plating

  • Prong Retipping

  • Clasp Repairs

  • Chain Soldering

  • Chain Adjustments

  • Bracelet Adjustments

  • Hand Engraving

  • Laser Engraving

  • Prong Tightening

  • Ring Sizing

  • Estate Jewelry Repair

  • Stone Replacement

  • Restringing

  • Custom Lapidary

  • Watch Batteries

  • and much, much more, just ask!


Repair Examples

Chain Repair

We size them.


Ring sizing and Augmentation

We fix it.


Back to Factory Specs

We get you new ones.


Stone Replacement