Agate Cameo Zodiac Necklace: Sagittarius

Agate Cameo Zodiac Necklace: Sagittarius

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Weiss Jewelry Exclusive - Carved Agate Cameo Pendants

An Homage to Grandma’s Grandma: precision carved agate cameos fade from white to black, revealing incredible details.

  • Available in: 14K Yellow, Rose or White Gold

  • 14K Gold Bezel with closed back

  • 14K Gold 16, 18 or 20 inch ‘diamond-cut’ rolo chain*

Ready to ship within five days.

*Chain is cut with diamond cutters and has an incredible sparkle. There are no actual diamonds in the chain.

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Cameos: An Instant Heirloom

Every cameo is a miniature work of art. Whether carved from a variety of shells or multi-colored agate, Cameos have an exquisite classic beauty that has captivated the attention of generations. Cameos have been around since approximately 300 B.C. and were worn by men and women to represent cultural status, as well as commemorate significant life events and achievements. Our Cameos are made from Agate and originate in Germany, created by a lineage of artists who have been carving agates with incredible precision for the last 100 years. These are timeless gifts and an instant heirloom!